Jim Militello, Landscape Artist

About Me

I am a self-taught artist. That is to say, I have never received any formal training. However, I credit many generous teachers and great artists who I have learned from attending workshops, in reading or watching their videos online. Painting landscapes and nature painting is what I do. My work is inspired by my love (need) to spend time in natural places; forests, lakes, mountains, bays or beaches. For me the time spent hiking, camping, or painting is therapeutic, but also brings me great joy. I hope this may also be true for those who view my work.

My Art

I paint en plein air whenever possible. Which means painting on site in real time. Some work is completed in the studio when the muse calls during the dark evening hours when being outdoors is not possible. There are also times when a piece you began out on the beach that morning had to be finished later because the storm clouds looked like they were about to open up or the bugs were relentless. The challenges of painting outdoors are many, but so are the rewards. A scene is more real when you hear the surf and feel the sunshine. There is life in the work that just can't be matched when you work from a two-dimensional photo reference.

Selling/Owning Original Art

The art on this site is for sale where indicated. Owning something made by the human hand and the human heart is enriching. It is real. Handmade beats mass produced everyday! Art humanizes any space it occupies. It brings with it life, warmth, and part of a soul. It then becomes part of the soul of its owner. It is not decor; it does not have to match the sofa or the drapes. For more information about acquiring my art, check out the contact page here.